Monday, January 09, 2006

Well, I'm up here...

And I am tired. Dog handling is hard work! Feed 40 dogs, scoop poop, cut fish, fat, frozen , meat, haul wood, pack sleds, hook up dogs, unhook dogs, sort harnesses, booties,scoop again, feed forty dogs again, and start the whole thing over again!

So I am feeling a bit worn out. But, I get to run dogs tomorrow! At least a ten miler and if that works out, a 20 miler on top of that would be awesome.

There are lots of caribou and moose around. The mushers see them everyday. Its been about 25 below consistently. I have gotten pretty well adapted, it wsas 10 above yesturday and it felt hot! I didn't wear any gloves that day.

Also...I may get to see Jack and Doppler! The guy that Karen Land sold them to is racing the Copper Basin 300 sled dog race, next week. That would be so cool to see them.

There is another team training here, so another cool thing is that after the racem the mushers staying here will move back to White Horse and I get my own cozy litte lakeside cabin! woohoo!

More later