Sunday, August 13, 2006


The dream is kind of dead for now. It may be ressurected in the future. If it is I will have about four big dogs. Probably mixed breed dogs. Alaskan huskies from between 60 to 80 lbs if I can find them. I really think I learned a lot from my short stint in alaska as a handler even though it didn't work out. I learned basically this: I need to do things on my own. I really don't like being told what to do. I really don't like not being in charge of myself. I also know that without a doubt racing competitively holds absolutely no appeal for me.

I like quiet. I like moving along at my own pace. I like figuring things out for myself. I have the confidence that I can take a bunch of rejected sled dogs and turn them into a team. I have the confidence that I can train a yearling pup to be a gee haw leader in one winter. That is I can train a yearling to pull a small team for a few miles on a familiar trail. Not impressive in the overall scheme of things if I want to race the iditarod. But for just knocking around in the woods, pretty damn fun.

As far as being a fast, efficient, machine, I never was and never will be. I don't even like fast efficient dogs. I like obnoxious rebellious dogs. I like dogs with weird quirks and lots of personality.

I was not a good handler. If I were a dog, I wouldn't even really make a good sled dog. I don't listen. I get bored with routine, I don't like to work that hard. I do like adventure though, but in between adventures, I like to loaf around a lot. I like to day dream. I get in arguments.

One thing though, I have going for me is that I am not bothered by the cold. I actually like the cold. I don't mind not showering for months. I like eating wild game. So I think I might be able to fit in in Alaska.

I know there are sled dogs out there like me. Unruly dogs with warm fur that like eating meat and going on slow moving adventures in the wilderness and loafing around in between and geting in argumments. I know this because I have met dogs like this.
When I meet dogs like this instictively, we like each other.