Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Dogs in need of homes

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Cruiser is a pure bred, though unregistered siberian husky. His mother was a seppala siberian line husky and his father was a mix of anadyr and seppla. He is about 2 years old. I harness broke him and he took really readily to work. He is very focused and driven. He also is not prone to overheating like some siberian huskies. He is a very high strung dog and paces on his chain all day long wearing a trench into the ground. he loves to run and is a good worker. He is a small dog of about 40 lbs.


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Doppler is originally from Ross Adams. He is from swingley lines. He is a very sweet intelligent dog and pretty fast. He learned how to be a Gee Haw leader and led a 6 dog team on up to 12 mile runs his first winter in harness. He catches on very quick to every thing. He is very sensitive and eager to please. I think he could be a racing dog, but I have picked up that he likes to lope really fast on smooth trails with a largetr team more than with a small team on crappy trails, which is what I did most of the winter.

One thing about him is that he could also be a pet, since he is so well behaved. I house broke him in one day. He laso learned how to heal in one training session and will walk on a leash without pulling. He is a really nice sweet dog. He sleeps over night in the house with me very often, most of my dogs would wreck the house.


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Fir is from Swingley and Terry Adkins lines. He is a strong, very fast dog. He led 400 miles of the iditarod with Karen Land. Soon after I got him he got in a fight with my wheel dog and sprained his ankle. He is not a fighter though the other dog started it. I didn't run him most of the season because of this.


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This is my favorite dog. He is both a hard worker and also very affectionate. He is a real character. I think a recreational musher would appreciate him the most because he has so many humorous antics. But I think he has the natural ability to be a distance racing dog too. He is from Butcher and Buser bloodlines. His parents were on Clint Wankes winning Candian challenge team. He has a lot of energy and is very playful unless he is run up front. Then he can channel his energy and is very focused. He ran lead with Doppler most of the season but Doppler was better with commands. He cought on really well for a yearling though. The reason I think he has potential though is because he is a really hard charging dog and faster than he looks with his stocky build. I think he could also work out on a freight team because he is so strong. He has a really good coat for camping out, too. He eats and drinks really good. If I wasn't selling my house I would keep him. I really love this dog.


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JJ is a seven year old Beargrease vetran leader. I got her from Pat Faherty who got her from Mark Black. She is a bullet proof dog. The epitomy of the easy keeper. Gets fat on a handful of kibble a day off season, never hurt, bullet proof feet, warm thick coat, pulls like a truck. Sweet dog too. She didn't lead really well for me though because I think she was too used to her previous owner and running with a big racing team with a person that knew what they were doing, unlike me.


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Pumpkin is a 5 year old Peppy daughter. She has run the UP 200. She is a good back up leader and good "going home leader". She is a shy dog but a real easy keeper, eats and drinks good.


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Yukon is not neccessarily a sled dog. He is a pet siberian husky, one year old, that I was planning on trying out in harness next year. He is a handsome happy dog and would make a great pet for siberian lovers, but I make no guaruntee on his sledding ability. He does seem to be strong and athletic though and might work well in a rec team.


Thursday, May 12, 2005

Dream on Hold

Well, I'm going through a divorce. I will probabably be moving, maybe to Alaska. I may have to sell most or all of my sled dogs. I will be selling the house. Things are kind of up in the air right now.
If I don't sell my dogs I will be kind of tied down to one spot. I only have one favorite dog and that is Jack.
It would be really hard to let him go. He would be horrible though if I ever had to move into an apartment temporarily. I just know he would destroy everything. He is like a tasmanian devil. That is part of why I like him so much.
He's been keeping my spirits up lately. Every time I come by he jumps all over me and gives me Hugs. He likes to jump up into my arms and can even stand on my shoulders like a cat or somthing. You'd have to see it to believe it. He's quite a dog.

I've been going on long walks with him lately. He likes to pull really hard the whole way and wheeze like huskies will. But I like his humorous reactions to things out in the woods. He is very curious about everything.

I have an online friend up in Alaska that has offered to let me stay in a remote cabin he has near the Yukon. No electricity, running water or anything. Just a little cabin way out in the wilderness with a stove. If I can time it right and get the house sold and pay off a few bills I'll take him up on it.

Might be a nice change of pace. He even has a sled dog team I could borrow. Might be some great inspiration for my writing. Did you know that Jack London only spent one winter in the Yukon? Look at all the books he got out of that breif experience.