Thursday, May 12, 2005

Dream on Hold

Well, I'm going through a divorce. I will probabably be moving, maybe to Alaska. I may have to sell most or all of my sled dogs. I will be selling the house. Things are kind of up in the air right now.
If I don't sell my dogs I will be kind of tied down to one spot. I only have one favorite dog and that is Jack.
It would be really hard to let him go. He would be horrible though if I ever had to move into an apartment temporarily. I just know he would destroy everything. He is like a tasmanian devil. That is part of why I like him so much.
He's been keeping my spirits up lately. Every time I come by he jumps all over me and gives me Hugs. He likes to jump up into my arms and can even stand on my shoulders like a cat or somthing. You'd have to see it to believe it. He's quite a dog.

I've been going on long walks with him lately. He likes to pull really hard the whole way and wheeze like huskies will. But I like his humorous reactions to things out in the woods. He is very curious about everything.

I have an online friend up in Alaska that has offered to let me stay in a remote cabin he has near the Yukon. No electricity, running water or anything. Just a little cabin way out in the wilderness with a stove. If I can time it right and get the house sold and pay off a few bills I'll take him up on it.

Might be a nice change of pace. He even has a sled dog team I could borrow. Might be some great inspiration for my writing. Did you know that Jack London only spent one winter in the Yukon? Look at all the books he got out of that breif experience.


Anonymous dave said...

Theo, This is Dave. Sorry to hear about the divorce. What do you do for a living? No need to necessarily get rid of your dogs if youre coming to AK. Shoot me an email. I may have some options for you up here as far as accomodations go if the Yukon thing doesnt pan out. You could come up and visit with Frosty and Porkchop (psycho). LOL, there not up for adoption anymore!!!

May 12, 2005 at 5:48 PM  
Blogger George Forgan-Smith said...

LOL, but isn't life always like that. BTW I have been trying to find a good alaskan malamute breeders do you have any ideas? Nancy

March 31, 2006 at 7:06 PM  
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