Friday, February 18, 2005

Laurel and Hardy

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Here are the two knuckleheads, Jack and Doppler. Actually they are not knuckleheads at all. They are doing pretty well. I took just the two of them out today and worked on turns. They each have their respective strengths and weaknesses.

Doppler is more eager to please and is catching on to commands faster and Jack is the harder puller and better worker. They are total opposites actually. Doppler is tall and narrow with a short coat and built for speed. Jack is short and stocky with Bulging muscles and a thick coat. Doppler is shy and submissive. Jack is bold and boisterous. They are both crazy to run though.

Doppler is not shy when He sees me getting ready for a run. He goes crazy. Even more than Jack. Both protest loudly telling me to hurry up. After I hook these two up the dog yard is fairly quiet.
After a little two mile run on the logging trail I went and got the camera nad snapped some pictures of my apt pupils. I feel like this one on one training is really bonding me to them. They are interacting directly with me and not just as part of a group.
I am getting a real kick out of this leader training, I think these two knuckleheads are too.


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